Identifying Place Value

Numbers, such as 6,495,784, have seven digits.  Each digit is a different place value.  

The first digit is called the millions' place value. There are six millions in the number 6,495,784.

The second digit tells you how many sets of one hundred thousand are in the number.  The number 6,495,784 has four hundred thousands. 

The third digit is the ten thousands' place. There are nine ten thousands in addition to the six millions and four hundred thousands. 

The fourth digit is the one thousands' place which is five in this example. 

The fifth digit is the hundreds' place which is seven in the number 6,495,784.

The next digit (8) is the tens' place. 

The last or right digit is the ones' place which is four in this example. 

Therefore, there are six sets of 1,000,000, four sets of 100,000, nine sets of 10,000, five sets of 1000, seven sets of 100, eight sets of 10, and 4 ones in the number 6,495,784.


Finding Place Values

The number has
hundred thousands
ten thousands