Eighth Grade Hands-On Activities

  • Describe and draw vertical, supplementary and complementary angles. Verify the relationship between the angles by measuring.
  • Using graph paper, apply transformations to geometric figures such as:
    • rotate or turn
    • reflect or flip horizontally and vertically
    • translate or slide
    • dilate or scale
    Find applications of transformations such as tiling, fabric design or art.
  • Describe and construct solid figures including prisms, pyramids, cylinders and cones.
  • Verify the Pythagoreum Theorum by measuring. Apply the Pythagoreum Theorum to find the missing length of a side of a right triangle when the other two sides are given.
  • Analyze games of chance and board games using probability and make predictions about the possible outcomes.
  • Use information derived from line, bar, circle and picture graphs and histograms to make comparisons, predictions and inferences.
  • Organize and describe data using a matrix.
  • Graph a two variable linear equation on the coordinate plane, using a table of ordered pairs.
  • Describe and represent relations using tables and graphs.
  • Create and solve problems using proportions, formulas and functions.

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