Kindergarten Hands-on Activities

  • Be able to find the value of a group of pennies (or the local smallest denomination coin) containing up to 20 coins.

  • Know the names of the common coins and currency.

  • Know the names of common measuring devices and what they measure.
    RulerLengthHow wide, long, tall or far
    ScaleWeight/MassHow heavy
    ThermometerTemperatureHow hot, cold or warm
    Measuring Cups & SpoonsVolumeHow much

  • Know comparative measurement terms.
    MeasurementComparative Terms
    Lengthlonger/shorter, wider/narrower, taller/shorter
    Temperaturehotter/colder, warmer/cooler
    Timeearlier/later, before/after
    Volumemore/less, larger/smaller

  • Know the names of common geometric shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle) and be able to name the shape in any orientation.

  • Know how to use tally marks to record the number of a type of event. Be able to find the total number from the tally marks.

  • Sort items into groups or categories by similar properties such as color, shape, size, material, etc.

  • Sort items into groups by using two properties such as size and color, shape and size or shape and color.

  • Determine a pattern and tell what the next event will be. Patterns might include numbers, letters, shapes, colors, sizes, movements or sounds.

  • Learn important numbers such as home telephone number, emergency phone number, street address and the dates of birthdays and holidays.

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