Changing Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Fractions consist of two numbers. The top number is called the numerator. The bottom number is called the denominator.


An improper fraction is a fraction that has a numerator larger than or equal to its denominator. A proper fraction is a fraction with the numerator smaller than the denominator.

A mixed number consists of an integer followed by a proper fraction.

Example: The mixed number, 3 3/5, can be changed to an improper fraction by converting the integer portion to a fraction with the same denominator as the fractional portion and then adding the two fractions. In this case the integer portion (3) is converted to 15/5. The sum of the two fractions becomes 15/5  +  3/5  =   18/5.

The entire conversion is:
3/5  =   15/5  +  3/5  =   18/5.

Convert the Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction

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